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Air Purifiers

Rocky Mountain Climate is fully aware of your fresh air needs at your home. We want to keep you healthy and going all the time. To do this, we bring to you highly advanced and sophisticated air purifier systems. Imagine, taking a deep breath of filtered and pure air. Doesn’t that sound nice?

Our Infinity® air purifiers are widely admired and remain highly in demand. The Infinity® not only helps you breathe filtered air, but also eliminate viruses, bacteria, allergens and even mold spores. Also, a notable MERV rating of 15 is reported by these units, which successfully confiscate any kinds of pollutants present in the air. These pollutants, to your surprise, may sometimes be smaller than a pin head. Don’t keep breathing in these harmful pollutants; give us a call today to discuss your available options.

trane air purifier
Other Air Purification Systems We Carry
Performance EZ Flex Cabinet Air Filter EZXCAB

These Air Purifiers sift air while catching and destroying any airborne pathogens, which may include bacteria, mold and viruses. Indoor air is simply purified with a MERV 15 rating. Additionally, there is no cleaning is required with this model.

Performance EZ Flex Cabinet Air Filter EZXCAB

Buy this version of the air purifier available with us at Rocky Mountain Climate at affordable rates and witness how air flows smoothly and gently indoors. Promising filter replacement to be a trouble-free task, these systems also ensure a MERV 10 efficiency rating. Dust particle removal up to 99% is their specialty. The plus point is these units can also be transformed to EACA Electronic Air Cleaners.

Honeywell F300

Honeywell F300 air purifiers are highly efficient and do not require much maintenance. Nearly 100% airborne particles that enter the Honeywell purifier is removed by is unit. Because maintenance is minimal, the ongoing cost of these units is very low. Breathing better air and saving money? Yes, please.


Renowned for the convenience, zero trouble and ease they offer while operating, the Totaline Star Series CGIOOO air purifiers bring the electro-magnetic attraction principle into use. Though this might sound like science fiction, it’s not. Airborne particulates are almost completely eliminated from the indoor air, even particulates as small as .001 microns.  These purifiers require negligible maintenance and are engineered with multi-layered media pads which actually grab the airborne particles. In order to maintain fresh air indoors, you ought to purchase these kinds of air purifiers, which we provide in high quality and at reasonable prices.

Another model of Totaline i.e. Totaline Star Series CG1OOO P101-1224C electronic air purifier also ensures eliminates air purification hassles with 100% ease in maintenance and use. It’s important to note that you may require frequent replacement of the multi-layered media panels installed in the air cleaners. However, these panels are eco-friendly in nature.

Trust these air purifiers for removal of any kind of fungi or mold or bacteria or viruses in the air. We recommend these panels be replaced every 4 months.

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