Clean air has a huge impact on the overall health and quality of your home life. Especially when a home is closed during the winter months, particles and contaminants can increase and make it harder to breathe and live. However, steps can be taken to create a healthier air environment; here are 10 ways to improve your home’s air quality.

  • Keep it clean. Dust your home regularly with a damp cloth to reduce allergens and irritants. Regular vacuuming and cleaning with toxin-free cleaners can also reduce the amount of allergens in the air.
  • Use an air purifier. There are a variety of air purifiers on the market, ranging from small, single-room units to larger systems that can purify all levels of toxins.
  • Circulate the air. When possible, open windows and run fans to keep the air moving and bring in fresh air. This is especially important when you are cleaning, cooking, or painting.
  • Bathe pets. Animals, especially dogs, release a lot of fur and dander in the air, which floats around more when the home is closed. To reduce the allergens in the air, wash and groom your pets regularly and keep them out of sleeping areas.
  • Do laundry regularly. Large fabric areas are magnets for allergens and dust mites. To keep these pests out of your home, wash curtains, bedding, and large blankets regularly in hot water.
  • Lower humidity levels. Many contaminants that contribute to poor air quality, such as mold and mildew, thrive in moist areas, like bathrooms and laundry rooms. Keep the humidity level in your home between 30% to 50% by opening doors and windows, running fans, and using a dehumidifier if needed.
  • Install wood floors. Even when vacuumed regularly, carpet is a breeding ground for bacteria and air pollutants. Smooth floor surfaces, such as wood or tile, are easier to clean and make it harder for dirt to pack underneath.
  • Don’t smoke inside. Cigarette smoke releases harmful pollutants into the air. To keep your home free of the chemicals, avoid smoking inside.
  • Limit candles and incense. Aside from cigarettes, other seemingly innocent things can also produce harmful smoke and pollutants in the home. Candles and wood-burning fireplaces can lessen air quality. To combat this, use a gas-burning or electric fireplace and nontoxic soy candles.
  • Remove your shoes. Wearing shoes in the house can track in dirt, pollutants, and other particles into the home. Encourage guests to remove their shoes before they enter your home, or at least place a large doormat by the entrance to limit the amount of dirt that comes in the house.
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